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Increasing Data Storage Needs Drives Customers To New Products

Have you ever bought the latest and greatest device, only to max out the device’s data storage within the first year?

I have. And because constant streaming from the Cloud isn’t a desirable option in my home, I need immediate physical access to larger and larger data storage.

Sure, external hard drives are an option, but who wants to risk losing all of their precious data to a dropped box or a housefire? And who wants to lug around extra storage devices that you have to plug in whenever you want something?

Right. No one. Without relying on wifi, I need devices with lots of storage. My phone, tablet, and computer need larger and larger data stores to make this all work.

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Are Wifi Signals Dangerous?

Have you ever hugged a tree just to see what all the fuss was about?

Have you ever slept with your phone and wifi on right next to your head only to awake the next day with a headache akin to the world’s worst case of jet lag?

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