Have you ever hugged a tree just to see what all the fuss was about?

Have you ever slept with your phone and wifi on right next to your head only to awake the next day with a headache akin to the world’s worst case of jet lag?

Those pesky wifi signals are everywhere now. Apartments, hotels, offices, shopping malls, Home Depot, Starbucks, and even some large city blocks.

They’re everywhere, and our phones are designed to need them. So many functionalities only happen with wifi. So we’d better ask the question:

Is Wifi dangerous?

This is the question most people feel pretty sure about. You know beyond a doubt that they’re harmless or you have no doubt they are responsible for all manner of health problems in our society.

But who is right? And how do we know?

Those are great questions. Because either your health or your sanity are on the line. ¬†Either exposure to wifi causes damaging disruption on the cellular level or avoiding wifi exposure unnecessarily is overcomplicating your life and you can’t accomplish each day’s tasks without problems.

Problems like wires. I know. I have 30 foot long ethernet cords running through my house. Trust me, they’re ugly and they make the house feel junky no matter how clean it is. I don’t love them. At all.